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The Top Legal Business Development Coaches

Paula Black is one of the world’s leading business development coaches for lawyers, entrepreneurs and service providers.  She teaches her clients how to attract more clients and grow their businesses while still having the personal life they really want.  

Black was voted one of the Top Legal Business Development Coaches and is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. Her most gratifying work is one-on-one coaching where she can witness the growth and change that individuals experience with her guidance.

Here is what a couple of clients have to say about the experience.

“Paula provided me with solid, sound practical advice that energized me and helped give me the confidence I needed that the lull in my practice could be overcome (it has!).

My practice is a big part of my life.  Feeling good about my future in the profession spills over to my view of life in general.

She helped me realize that I need to prepare in advance for networking opportunities and social events (now better recognized as practice development opportunities).  I no longer simply show up. Paula is an incredible source of legal marketing/practice development theory, methods, and experience.  An insurance company commercial reminds me of Paula.  The spokesman on the commercial says, “Talk to Farmers we know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.” She doesn’t just give you answers.  She probes and pushes you to fashion an approach that works for you individually – or you can reasonably adapt to.

Paula spent hours and hours delving into my personal and professional life, again probing and pushing me to come up with a plan – which she would challenge and augment. I have, unfortunately, squandered countless promising practice development opportunities in the past because I failed to recognize them ‘til she pointed some of them out to me.

I know she is always there if I need her.  That, in and of itself, is a confidence builder. Paula is top notch; she’s my ‘secret sauce.’” Litigation Practice Chair, Large Regional Firm


“Being happy in my personal life is part of my business’s success. So Paula and I always discuss that as well. She understands that you don’t leave work at the office or personal problems at home. If one is a mess, it will transfer to the other. If my personal life is particularly stressful, she focuses on that, knowing that the success of my business is directly tied to it. It is refreshing to not have to hide what is going on in my personal life.

I quit networking groups or organization that I did not get personal fulfillment from. She helped me see that the ROI of the time spent on activities that did not compensate for the energy that it took from me emotionally. She supports me in spending time on philanthropic groups where the focus is not on building my business, but on building relationships. She believes that just because you cannot put a dollar amount on every connection that I invest in, does not mean that the relationship could not end up being most financially or personally fulfilling long-term.

She challenges me to raise my expectations of my goals and myself.

She does not let the lawyer mind control. She can see above the minutiae. When I have thought, “No, I can’t do that, because I’m a lawyer, and lawyers can’t/don’t do that, she asks, ‘why not…?’  This is why I appreciate that she is not a lawyer. She challenges the tired framework or expectations. She is innovative and really a visionary in the legal field.

She doesn’t let me forget my successes when I feel stagnant. She reminds me of who I am, how far I have come, and reminds me what my priorities are. She does not let me focus on goals that are not in line with who I am and what she knows I really want.

We know that the “big” problems do not wait until the next appointment time. I have called Paula when I thought I just could not manage something and she puts things in perspective, helps me focus on what matters and what I can control, and this is often more valuable then the time of scheduled meetings. I also call her when I have good news I can’t wait to share. I enjoy sharing good news with her more than with anyone else because she understands how much it means to me, because she knows the worst of what I have gone through. It is special to have someone to share the ups and downs with, who genuinely care about seeing you out of the low spots and who celebrates your achievements with you.” – Tax Litigator, Small Firm

She is an award winning and bestselling author of The Little Black Book series and has recently published her fifth book; an Amazon # 1 New Release and Bestseller,  A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Life Not Just a Living.  Her first book won the Business Breakthrough Book of the Year, from Independent Publishers.

She is a business development expert and in the past has consulted on marketing for a wide range of clients including Deloitte, Office Depot, The New Times Syndicate and the Jimmy Buffett–Herman Wouk musical, Don’t Stop The Carnival.

Paula is a frequent keynote speaker and media guest.  When she’s not speaking or creating solutions to solve her clients’ biggest issues, you’ll find her taking cooking classes from local chefs in places like Tuscany, San Miguel de Allende or Hong Kong.