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A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Life, Not Just a Living:
Ordinary Lawyers Doing Extraordinary Things
By Paula Black

Create a Life TOOLKIT

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Paula Black - Gift 1
E-Book: A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Marketing Habit in 21 Days and a FREE Coaching Session

In my Amazon bestselling book, you will learn:

  • The value of nurturing client relationships with small gestures.

  • Secrets to building a referral base.

  • How to set marketing goals you can realistically achieve.

  • How to make sense of joining organizations.

  • Rules for turning your attorney bio into a marketing tool.

Day-by-day steps include a thought, action and tip that will help attorneys not only write a strategic plan, but also show them how to target new business, revise their own materials and pay attention to the minor details that foster major growth. Both new and seasoned attorneys will be inspired to DO SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In addition I am offering a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. We will do it after you have read the book, taken the Creating a Life Assessment and received your roadmap. I will help you get started with rocket fuel!

Candace Duff - Gift 2
13 Ways to Write a Book

and a FREE book consultation

In this meaty and informative report, you will learn the answers to important questions and challenges that every author (or those who want to be) faces:

  • How many ways are there to write a book?

  • How can I write a book without writing it myself?

  • How can I write a book quickly, efficiently, and with as little pain as possible?

  • Can I get someone else to do the heavy lifting?

  • Can I put my name on a book that I didn't write myself?:

You will learn about 13 different methods for creating a book that can take you and your business to the next level even if you’re not a great writer, don’t have a lot of time, and don’t want to do the heavy lifting yourself.

In addition, Candace is offering a complimentary 20 minute book clarity consultation.  During this call, she will help you clarify your book concept and identify ways to get your book project done quickly, efficiently, and right.
Get clarity around your book concept and how to make your book a reality.

Danny Decker - Gift 3

Marketing Simplified: How I built a Seven-Figure Business and How You Can Too and a FREE messaging session

Exclusive Preview Chapter for the soon to be released: Marketing Simplified, by Danny Decker, breaks down the exact steps he used to build a seven-figure business in a highly competitive industry. And more importantly, he shows you how to do the same!


In this chapter, you'll learn:

  • How to create a message that resonates with your clients

  • How to cut through the clutter in today's economy

  • How to craft a memorable "magic statement"

  • And much more!

In addition, Danny is offering a complimentary 20-minute message assessment. During this call, he will help you evaluate your marketing message and spot opportunities for improvement.

Learn how to create a message that makes your business "irresistibly attractive" to your target clients!

Laura Reich & Clarissa Rodriguez - Gift 4

Soft Skills Are Hard

Soft skills are more important than ever, but that does not make them any easier to master!  This article offers practical tips for:

  • Improving communication and teamwork;

  • Boosting work-ethic, time-management skills, and attention-to-detail;

  • Solving problems as a team; and

  • Creating an atmosphere where flexibility and creativity are welcomed.

Whether a new lawyer or an experienced practitioner, there is always room for improvement.  Be brave, and give these strategies for improving your soft skills a try!

Marc Cerniglia - Gift 5

Website Appraisal and a FREE Consultation

Let’s face it — if you are in business you need a strong website that works for you. It should drive your credibility, expertise and ultimately more work. This appraisal will help you take a good hard look at your website. You will rate it in ten different areas, see what they are worth, and score them. This appraisal will help you see the value of your website and give you the clarity to improve it.
In addition Marc is offering a complimentary 20-minute appraisal review.

Rob Wrubel, CFP - Gift 6

Financial Freedom: Planning Starts Today

Make a choice to live a fulfilling and enriching life by taking intentional steps to decide what you want, how you want to live and by exerting control over your financial life. Great lives are put together when you sit down and write out what you want for yourself and for each member of your family. The “Planning Starts Today” bonus pack has worksheets and checklists to get your started.

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