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“With her trademark inspirational style, Paula Black interviews lawyers who share wonderful stories that teach us that there is always a way to reach fulfillment in our lives.”

— Nancy Ratzan, JD, Past President - National Council of Jewish Women

“Although this book is marketed to attorneys, I wholeheartedly believe everyone can both relate to and use the lessons learned by the featured lawyers. And when I need those life lessons reinforced, this is the book I’ll turn to for inspiration.“

— Karen H. Hester, JD, LLM in Taxation, Chief Executive Officer - Center for Legal Inclusiveness

“There’s inspiration in this book for every lawyer, no matter where you are in your legal career.”

— Brian Torres, JD, Managing Partner - Brian Torres Legal

Amazon Reviews


A Business Resource, Extraordinary Guide

By Morton on October 10, 2018

Paula Black has done it again, she has given us an illuminating, insightful and thought-provoking guide on how to pursue your life passions, incorporating them into a career that is fulfilling, despite the daily real-life challenges that threaten to interfere with ones life objectives. Ms. Black, a Business Development Consultant and Coach, has assembled a group of top, successful judges and lawyers, to provide us with fascinating narratives of their own intimate stories in pursuit of fulfilling their own ideas, dreams, commitments AND passions in the face of personal, professional and financial challenges. A Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Life Not Just a Living is a compelling must read and transcends all business disciplines. An outstanding addition to Paula Black’s Little Black Book Series. Bravo for this book!


Change your mindset!!

By Justin on October 16, 2018

I have followed Paula Black for several years now. She is on a mission to help lawyers get out of the traditional "lawyer mindset" that so many of us succumb to; i.e., get the best grades, work for the big law firm, get a big salary. Then, start your own firm, bring clients with you, work 70-80 hours a week, and keep going until you can't go any more. I know all too many lawyers who have gone this route and feel stuck. Paula believes there is another way and in-fact a better way. I happen to agree with her. I love being a lawyer and love what I do. This book is a great reminder that there are other lawyers who love what they do as well. Paula helps lawyers and business professionals, break out of traditional limited thinking and realize that you can live a better and more fulfilling life. Highly recommend!


Inspiration for all professionals

By Laura Slejkoon October 18, 2018

A Lawyer's Guide to Creating a Life Not Just a Living is a very inspiring group of personal stories that exemplify how positive thinking, listening to our gut, finding what we are passionate about and aligning our life goals with our work can bring professional success as well as personal happiness. A testimony to Paula's ability to motivate, mentor, energize and inspire change. I am embarking on my own Third Act and the insights from Terry Vento, Dr. Trujillo and John Kozyak were enlightening!


A great book for all those involved in the legal profession

By Cheryl Zuckerman on October 11, 2018

I enjoyed reading this book and being part of the following narrative: being a successful professional is so much more than just working endless hours behind a desk. Thank you for sharing these stories. They are a true source of inspiration and motivation and will encourage many to reach for true happiness in their professional and personal lives.


Insightful book for young lawyers

By MGon October 14, 2018

As a newly admitted lawyer, I found this book extremely insightful and inspirational. The various stories of diverse legal professionals provide wonderful guidance about how to grow as a professional, while maintaining passion, purpose and self-worth. I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends and colleagues!


Honest and raw stories from

ByVes Gitchevon October 3, 2018

I know this is a “Lawyer’s Guide,” but as a business owner in the medical field, I appreciated these inspiring stories from entrepreneurial attorneys. An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur and we can learn so much from each other. This book presented stories that were relateable and informative. The stories were raw and honest. I wish there was a similar book in my field! (Pharmaceutical research).


Must read, nice gift.

By Amazon Customer on October 6, 2018

Awesome read. As someone trying to grow my business, it’s truly inspirational to read the stories of people who are where I want to be in the future. Will definitely recommend to anyone with entrepreneurial goals!


Great insights

By Johanna on October 9, 2018

Paula delivers a manuscript full of inspiring insights and practical and valuable information that any professional can put to good use as they are turning the pages. This book has earned a prime location in my shelves!